Mykonos - Agios Lazaros Complex

Agios Lazaros Complex offers exclusive, luxurious privacy just a few minutesaway  from the island’s most notorious beaches, most eclectic night-life entertainment and most remarkable dining experiences that Mykonos is so famous for. Each villa showcases its own Mykonian elegance and is perfectly nestled within the 24/7 access-controlled property where tranquility, sunsets and courteous concierge can accompany or accommodate any desire and ensure that you can concentrate on indulging in unforgettable revelry and/or relaxation. To add to this, the property is uniquely protected from the Aegean Sea summer Meltemi winds, so you can spend your time outdoors even when the rest of the island is windy.  Spread over the 38,000m2 estate each of the luxurious villas sports a pool, distinctly inspired decoration (by Alberto Pinto), NetFlix and Wi-Fi. Back-up generators and water purifiers, 24/7 CCTV monitored grounds (at the periphery), a private jetty and a helipad are available to guests, while chefs, butlers, extra cleaning and catered services can be arranged to never stop. We can’t wait for you to come!

Agios Lazaros Complex

Villa Precioso

3 Bedrooms – 6 Guests

Villa Soledad

5 Bedrooms – 11 Guests

Villa Sienna

4 Bedrooms – 8 Guests

Villa Querida

3 Bedrooms – 6 Guests

Villa Serenity

5 Bedrooms – 10 Guests

Villa Aguila

3 Bedrooms – 6 Guests

Villa Aurora

4 Bedrooms – 8 Guests

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